Daniel Alvarez - 3rd Longboard Surf Competition in Santa Teresa

Daniel takes 3rd place in Santa Teresa!

Daniel taking 3rd place in Santa Teresa! Very proud! Putting him in second place in the longboard surf ranking of Costa Rica. Great longboard surfing between the competitors and classic style. Santa Teresa was awesome! Loved the waves, the energy, and the trip driving there from Hermosa.

We drove about 1hr to the ferry, paid for our tickets and for our vehicle, the ferry ride was 1hr and the drove 45min to Santa Teresa on a dirt road. We stayed at Selina North, it's a new millennial concept hostel, we thought it was interesting, however, we will stay in a more calm place next time, especially if one of us is competing. We had breakfast and dinner at Pura Vida Soda which was very good! loved the quantity! However, the best place we tried was at Bakery Pastry Bistro, simply loved the food, the place, the colors, how everything was super organized, even the waitresses where beautiful. Really loved the image of this bakery, would always eat there next time! The surf in Santa Teresa was super fun, the swell for that weekend was very good, it was glass for most of the day and super fun for longboarding. I really love how the waves broke farther out and you can really enjoy the ride. Sunsets in Santa Teresa were beautiful! loved every minute of them, can't wait to go back!

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