Daniel and Beth Alvarez Longboard Surfers

Hola! We are married longboard surfers and our golden retriever Andy from the Dominican Republic. We owned Aloha Surf - Yoga - SUP in Punta Cana, Macao beach for 5 years. It was a very great experience where we learned a lot and gained experience. We had a beautiful surf spot for beginners in front of our school and the perfect cove for paddle yoga. With time we noticed that we needed to keep growing and gain more work experience, so we decided to Costa Rica. This process took us a while. Being here now has been a learning process! Already in so little time here we have accomplished so much and are very proud of it. We are certified as lifeguards, surf, yoga and sup instructors to provide the best service possible. We also offer all-inclusive packages with lodging in our beautiful casita called Casa Longboard. With goals and plans to keep growing as good humans, to help the community and also to grow a company. We enjoy to surf and study the beaches of Costa Rica and explore the nature side. Costa Rica is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer. Our lodge called Casa Longboard is located close to Playa Hermosa, and our location is very special. We can count on many different types of birds in the area and you can often hear the monkeys hanging out. Casa Longboard is also lodging for vacation rental and Our All inclusive Surf packages.
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