Advanced Longboard Lessons In Costa Rica - Coaching Tips From Beth Alvarez

As a surfer for 8 years now, I have been able to put myself if different settings and situations to keep growing. I have surfed almost all of the beaches in the Dominican Republic, many beaches of Costa Rica, also in the US. This is an almost never-ending experience, it totally has its ups and downs, when it's going great, enjoy it, live it! when it's going not so great, I like to tell myself that it won't be forever and eventually it will get great again! Anyways I am sharing some tips and thoughts that I have adapted on myself and now I'm spreading the knowledge. -I believe style is everything. The best way to see surfing is to have fun and try to flow. This takes time to adjust and it just becomes part of you naturally. -Breathing, breathing is so important and I believe some of us often forget about this important action. Remembering to breath comes in handy and activates the brain so we can think and perform better. - When you get to the beach, study the waves and notice how they are breaking, also notice any current ... this is very helpful before you paddle out. -Smile, Being in the ocean is one of the most exciting feelings, don't forget to smile and embrace the good vibes, it will resemble on your surfing. -Read and study surf outside of the water, surf tutorials are the best and they are so easy to find on youtube. Anything specific you want to work on, youtube it! -Don't be scared to put yourself out there, I believe in order to advance you need to put yourself in different situations. Charge if you need to, go for a bigger wave than what you are usually used to, have a positive mind about it and if something goes wrong, learn from it and see how you can keep getting better. -Exercise and Stretch, this combination is the best for surfing! Think about it, surfing is so drastic, the movements, the wipeouts... When you have this discipline surfing is easier, you have more resistance, flexibility, your body is prepared for almost anything, and you can take wipeouts better. -Drink water before and after surfing. This is so important to stay hydrated! -Sunblock for face only, I love to use a specific reef-friendly face sunblock and then use a different type for my neck, hands, and ears. We need to be aware of the importance of protecting our skin. I hope you guys enjoyed some of my personal tips based on experience, theirs always room for improvement and you never stop learning something new when it comes to surfing. I will be making more posts like these based on tricks and tips. Positive Vibes, Positive days! Beth Alvarez

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