Surf Lessons

Beginners & Intermediate

We offer professional surfing lessons in a safe and fun environment. Our team is composed of advanced surf instructors and coaches who work and surf in the ocean everyday!

We provide surf lessons for all levels including beginner & intermidiate.

Ocean awareness and safety are integral parts of our daily life. Within the class theory you will be instructed proper techniques for handling the ocean's currents and especially, its waves.

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With our lessons you get:

  • High quality service
  • Learn to surf, have fun, and relax
  • 1 on 1 personal instructor
  • Will be with a friendly, patient, and professional surf instructor to ensure your safety.
  • Our instructors are CPR certified professional surfers, all have vast knowledge in oceanography, forecast reading, and of course, wave riding.
  • Enjoy surfing in an encouraging and positive atmosphere.
  • Learn about the ocean and all the aspects related to surf that will help you improve your surf performance.
  • We speak Spanish, English and a bit of Portuguese.

 Lesson include:

  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • Personal Certified Instructor (1 on 1)
  • Theory
  • Warm up
  • Equipment (surfboard, leash, & wax)

Dont over think it, just surf !

Already taken several lessons in the past?!
Ask about our advanced coaching!